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Style, Durability & Luxury!

Let’s face it. There are a lot of dog collars out there but if you’re looking for a special collar…one unlike others that shouts luxury, quality and durability all rolled into one – where do you go? Do they even exist?
Well, we had a hard time finding that perfect collar for our pup. So what did we do? We started our own business. Doggone Collars ‘Luxury, Unleashed’. We wanted something that was a little out there without being ‘too far out there’. We wanted a sparking collar the sun would capture and what better sparkle than that of Swarovski Crystals?
We put our heads together and came up with some pretty nifty designs and color combinations that we hope you and your pup will enjoy. All of our collars are handmade by leather artisans in very small quantities. We are confident once you feel the quality of our collars you will be completely won over. Each piece is like a work of art from the solid stitching to the hand set studs and crystal stones. Our collars are made with a durable bridle leather. The exact same type used for equestrian accessories. Additionally, our collars are lined with a lightly padded napa leather for ultra comfort. We include a microfiber dust cover with every purchase.

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